Marina Matsi Architects is a Rhodes based architectural firm that provides high quality client-oriented services. Since 1982 we are involved in a variety of fields offering original, creative and functional solutions. 

Q. I am thinking of investing on a property I own in Rhodes. I am concerned about it because I want to build two houses on it. I want to keep one and sell the other. What’s the next step?
A. Please call us or send us an email. Our team will be happy to lead you in the right direction.

Q. I live in the UK and I have a holiday house in Rhodes. I cannot travel as often as needed to maintain it. Also, I am thinking of renovating it. Can your office help me?
A. No problem. We can undertake your maintenance or renovation needs with various builders and gardeners. You can opt for an ongoing service or a one off service. Please feel free to contact our office for further information.

Q. I live in Russia and I want to find property in Rhodes to build. Can you find suitable property where I can build?
A. Yes, we can find property according to your needs. We will need to know what type of location, size of building and your budget. We will do all of your planning, dealing with town planning and the issuing of your building permit. If you wish, we can undertake your project and present you with a finished building including your interior designing and furnishing. You decide.
Q. I have some property in Rhodes and I wish to transfer the rights of the house and land to my children. Can you help?
A. Of course we can! Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff so we can organize an inspection and assessment of your property. We will keep in close contact with you all the way. If you wish, we can organize all the administration necessary for the transfer. 

Q. I live in the U.S. and I am thinking of moving to Rhodes. My grandfather left me some property and I would like to make an investment. I am thinking of running a restaurant. I have two options. I can either build a restaurant on the property or hire a shop where I can run my business. What do I need to know?
A. Thank you for your question. Get in touch with us and we will organize a Skype meeting with one of our designers who can discuss your concerns to help you make the right decision. 

Q. Where do you operate and is investing in Greece a good idea?
A. Due to the crisis in Greece, development opportunities are abundant. Property prices have plummeted. Therefore, those seeking to invest in Greece, and especially in Rhodes, will be able to take advantage of this situation. Additionally, Rhodes is ideal especially for people wanting a luxurious holiday home. Our office has expanded to cater to the needs of international clients as well as local clients. We offer excellent personal service adapting to the individual needs of each client. Our expertise is mainly in Rhodes, but we can undertake projects in all the Dodecanese Islands, if desired.