We aim to provide a responsive, imaginative and professional service. Our projects are realized through a combination of technical expertise, a rigorous design approach and an enthusiasm for the project. Further to designing, we also provided consulting, strategic advice on development, regeneration and conservation, renovations, building permits, business operating permits, technical advice and as necessary we advise at early stages on the viability of potential sites.

Our service is different because WE MAKE SURE:
  • that the chosen site can be legally built on
  • That your property is maintained on your behalf in your absence (optional service)
  • Το οrganise repairs
  • Το οrganise gardeners
Property search and selection
Property search and selection is finding the most suitable property for the client’s needs. This means finding property: 
  •  In the desired location
  • Suitable land size for building the project according to the square metres required (client’s needs, and building standard requirements)
  • Organise legal documents but the contract for the land purchase is the direct concern of the client
> Architectural Designs
> Planning Permits
> Building Permits
> Renovations
> Restoration
> Construction Plans
> Construction Advice
Design includes:
  • Designing the project uniquely tailored for the client

  • Interior and exterior design advice

  • Landscape design

  • Building permits

  • 3D model of the project
> Interior Design
> Furniture Design
> Landscape Design
> Graphic Design
> 3D Visualizations
> Drafting
> Extensions
Construction includes:
  • Preparation of construction plans
  • Interior design advice
  • Selection of finishes
  • Recommending respectable builders and contractors or cooperating with your chosen builder
  • Organisation for clearing of land (different clearing needed on different types of property
  • Supervising or organizing
  • Structure
  • Skin
  • Plumbing
  • Plastering
  • Electrical work
  • Painting
  • Tiling
  • Carpentry (kitchen, vanities, laundry, robes)
  • Landscape
  • Organise application for required building inspector visits
> Business Operating Permits
> ​Legalizing of Arbitrary Constructions
> Project Supervision and Management
> Maintenance of Property
> Project Estimations
> Electrical Permits